About me

Hi there and welcome to my personal weblog where I regularly try to post stuff about the latest developments in tech. This can be news which I think is important, tips on how to get stuff done, tutorials on a wide range of applications or services, sometimes some opinion pieces about things happening in the tech universe and generally tech related stuff so I don’t Forget about it myself…. :’)

I started off my professional life as a photographer and have worked in photo retail for 15+ years, so you’ll occasionally see some Photoshop stuff slip in here for example. But at the beginning of this century I got really interested in the world of the internet and the first rudimentary smartphones, of which I have owned at least most of all Microsoft iterationsย  and for which I have even picked up some developing as well, coding some simple apps for Windows Phone 7 back in the day. I have since blogged for a variety of tech blogs, mainly focused on mobile devices, and started shifting my professional career in the direction of IT as well.
Since 2016 I’m working in IT tech support which reiterated my need for a blog so I can also help out colleagues or actually anyone who’s interested in my stories, and also to fill the void left by the downfall of the last blog I was active for: MyWindows.nl.

What you’ll find here will mainly focus around Windows 10, Office and mobile devices, but like I said before: anything is possible as long as I feel I need to dump my 2 cents about something on the big web ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’re interested in the other me -the photographer me- then have a look at my main site: www.marcomaas.com