Spice up your Windows 10 with this aurora theme

Also passing by on twitter was this tweet from Microsoft linking to a gorgeous Windows 10 desktop theme with 15 images of the northern lights. It’s a collection of beautiful long exposure pictures of the famous aurora borealis teamed up with some nice accent colours for you to install for free!

I believe themes were first introduced in the Creators Update of Windows 10 (aka version 1703) and along with that Microsoft also introduced these themes to the Microsoft Store for distribution. This theme “The Northern Lights” is free to download and as mentioned before includes 15 long exposure images which are jaw dropping beautiful.

The theme will cycle through it’s 15 pictures during the day if you use it on one monitor, or you’ll get presented different desktops on each monitor if you use multiple monitors. Here’s a few examples of the pictures included in the theme and below that you’ll find the download link to the Store.

The Northern Lights
The Northern Lights
Developer: ‪Microsoft Corporation‬
Price: Kostenlos