Hello world!

So here it is… Been planning to create this blog for quite some time now, and now it’s finally here. After the closing of MyWindows.nl I missed a platform to share some insights, tips and news about stuff going on in the tech world.

So I needed some, though small, replacement for thiss. Some months ago I was poking around in my websites admin panel and that’s where I got the idea that a subdomain would be a perfect way to start a blog separate from my regular main website (which is more aimed at advertising who I am and what I do).
Today I finally set it up, so now I can get on to the content. Which, as you by now must have noticed, will be in english to also get a slightly wider reach… πŸ˜‰Β  Expect the first blog posts in the coming days, and make sure to check back regularly πŸ™‚

O, and let’s have a giggle to start of πŸ˜‰